Raex Battery Operated Electric Blind

T25D Re-chargeable Roller Blind Motor


What you see is what you get with the Raex T25D Battery Operated, radio controlled, roller blind motor. With its in-built re-chargeable batteries there is no need for additional wires, power packs, wands or the cost of an electrician, which is why it is rapidly becoming the motor of choice.  The T25D is self-contained with a small charging point on the head of the motor, where it can be charged in its fixed location. 





With long intervals between charges the T25D is an affordable and completely Child Safe solution - with no hanging cords or loops. With an incredible limit range of 3m (top and bottom blind position can be up to 3m apart) the motor is versatile and easy to set up via the handset.

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Battery operated blinds, using Raex T25D Rechargeable motors.

The client wanted electric blinds, so as to avoid having 5 chains, which would be unsightly, as well as a child safety hazard. However, the windows hadn't been pre-wired for electric blinds, so we went for the battery option.

As the blinds are quite small, they will operate for 9-12 months on a single charge.

The blinds can be operated individually, or as a group, which is handy as this window gets the sun all day.

We used a Raex 6 channel remote control, with Timer function.


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